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Welcome to Hometown Sweat...

Transforming lives, building community, and having fun one drop of sweat at a time!



6 Huron Drive, 3rd Floor

Natick, Massachusetts

Located just minutes from Route 9, Route 30, and the Mass Pike


Our Vision

We believe in a world where human beings everywhere have the power and ability to transform their lives through sweating, physical activity, and positive mindset.


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Join our welcoming community by taking advantage of our One Month Intro Special.

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What Our Clients Are Saying...

"The absolute best thing about Hometown Sweat is the deep roster of incredibly talented and knowledgeable instructors."

"Happy, healthy, and hot! Never feel better than after a class at this studio!"

"Hometown Sweat is welcoming, supportive and effective for all levels!"

"Amazing teachers and welcoming community. There's a reason I drive 30 minutes to come here and have stuck with Bikram Yoga since 2003 - it works!"

"Worth the drive!!! Never disappoints. I always feel better after class than before I started."

"This studio has the best community! Kind, friendly, welcoming, supportive."

"Open to all regardless of age, gender or flexibility."