Original Hot Yoga

Original Hot Yoga (OHY) is a 90 minute, heated yoga class that transforms your body from the inside out … FOR REAL. See, OHY is a series of postures scientifically designed to stretch every muscle, nourish every cell, and strengthen every ligament and joint in your entire body. It also helps to improve the health of your internal organ systems which leads to long-lasting vitality and overall good health.

On another level, this class challenges you to tap into your mental strength and concentration so deeply that you access a meditative state while changing and improving your physical body.

Original Hot Yoga, also referred to as “Bikram Yoga,” was made popular in the United Stated in the 1970’s; however, the postures in every OHY class (just like all yoga postures!) have been around for thousands of years. The fact that OHY is the same set series of postures in every class gives you the opportunity see real progress and learn an immense amount about yourself.

Last but not least, OHY is hands down, the most therapeutic, healing yoga class ever while also being an insanely powerful and effective workout. Meaning that if you’re injured, if you have pain in your body, if your joints feel creaky, you can come in and take OHY, and you will literally feel better - more mobile, lighter, less pain, better sleep, less stress - after every single class.

Too many people deal with pain in their bodies and stress in their minds. Our Original Hot Yoga classes get you back to feeling like your best self so you can live the life you want without being held back by anything!