New Students

At Hometown Sweat, we believe that human beings everywhere have the power and ability to transform their lives through sweating, physical activity, and positive mindset.


Every class is open to new students of all ages and ability, regardless of experience and flexibility! Choose the class that best fits your schedule, show up, breathe, sweat, and heal.

I want to start taking classes, but what should I buy?

Most of our clients begin with our Intro Special: one month of unlimited classes for $39. With this Intro pass you can take as many classes as you want over the course of a month. Each class you will notice tremendous improvements which is why taking advantage of our Intro Special is the best way to experience Original Hot Yoga, Hometown Hot Yoga, and Inferno Hot Pilates at Hometown Sweat. Get to know the teachers, your fellow practitioners, and our community!

Are these classes suitable for beginners?

YES! All of our classes are PERFECT for beginners at every level. You do what you can with what you've got, and that's the perfect place to start. We have beginners in every class, and all of our clients as well as our teachers remember what it was like to be a first-time newbie. We're all available to help and support you as you begin your health and wellness journey. You get 100% benefit from the classes simply from trying, so show up and do what you can.

What if I'm injured?

You're in the right place to heal your injuries and get out of pain. Original Hot Yoga by design creates a healing, therapeutic effect throughout your entire body's systems. Each posture works to increase the amount of fresh blood pumped throughout your body. This increase of circulation combined with stretching in the postures makes this class the perfect way to heal those injuries. With Inferno Hot Pilates, the exercises emphasize strengthening your core. A strong core leads to more support for your back. A healthy, supported back gives you strength and stability for your life outside the studio so you can run, jump, golf, be with your family, operate better at work, and take care of your home all with ease.

What's the best thing to do to prepare for class?

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Our classes are heated and you'll sweat a lot (which is awesome) so you'll want to be prepared for that. The water you drink well before class will hydrate you for your practice. For example, if you're planning to attend a morning class, make sure to drink plenty of water the day before.

Should I eat before my workout?

We recommend not having anything to eat at least two hours before class. This differs from person to person, and the two hour rule is a general guideline. Over the course of your Intro Month, you'll be able to experiment with what works best for you in terms of eating before class. Basically, you don't want to be stretching and working out on a full stomach.

Anything else I should know?

Just a few things...

- Arrive 15 minutes before class to set up.

- We lock the door to the studio when class begins so no late entrance.

- Plan to stay for the entire class

- After you've taken your first class, come back within 24 hours to take your second class. If you can do 4 classes in your first week, you will reaaalllly start to get the hang of it!

- Bring a mat, large towel (like a beach towel), and a big bottle of water. For your first day on your Intro Special, the mat and towel is on us, after that you can rent or bring your own.

- Be prepared to sweat, so wear something comfortable and light (i.e. heavy cotton would not be the best choice)

- We can't wait to meet you!