Bikram Yoga

The most life-changing yoga practice you'll ever do


There are so many things to say about Bikram Yoga, it's hard to know where to start. One of the most powerful things to know about this yoga style is that it can and will change your life for the better.

You see, in every Bikram Yoga class, you'll work literally every cell of your body. Every muscle, organ, gland, tendon, ligament, and brain cell will be used in this 90-minute practice. Change, healing, and transformation happens fast when work every part of you!

This yoga is accessible for every body, no matter how experienced, flexible, weak, strong, tight, injured, stressed, or out of shape you are. You get 100% of the benefits of the postures simply from trying them. That's a pretty amazing return on your investment!

Bikram Yoga is also known as the Original HOT Yoga, and we use the heat in class not haphazardly, but to assist your muscles in warming up so they can stretch safely. What's more, the heat also creates vasodilation (that's where your veins dilate) so that you'll receive more fresh blood flow all throughout your body during class. And if you're hoping for a yoga class that will also give you a cardio workout, you're in the right place! The heat helps give you that cardio workout with absolutely no jumping nor impact required on your joints. That's why this yoga class is accessible for every single human being.

In every Bikram Yoga class, expect to do the same series of 26 beginner yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises. As your body and mind become stronger and more flexible, you'll be able to do more of each posture, building on what you did the day before. Expect to receive maximum healing benefits from DAY ONE, regardless of how much or little you can do.

All that matters in this class is that you show up, breathe, and do your best. Sometimes your best is doing all the postures. Sometimes your best is laying down for half the class. When you do your best, it's always enough.

We can wait to have you in class!