Melanie Dolan

Yoga Teacher

My life did a 180 when I met Maria at Bikram Yoga Natick in 2011. My sister brought me to my first class when I was a senior at Syracuse University studying finance. I felt like I was floating along without much direction or purpose. As soon as I graduated college, I dove in headfirst. I practiced every day for 121 days straight and then got on a plane to Los Angeles to attend teacher training in the Fall of 2012. Best decision ever. Bikram Yoga has given me a restored sense of direction, drive and purpose. I learned quickly that without personal power, life can be a scary place. I teach because Bikram Yoga is magic. The goal is self-awareness, but you don't need to know that that's your goal when you put your toes on the line. It just happens. Without effort you begin to see yourself and everyone in your life with a quality of softness.

I teach because I don't know how to explain this to anyone in a way that seems logical. My goal is to help students see for themselves. This is why I say the 26.2 is magic. It works, and I am in love with it.