Jeff Osman

Yoga Teacher

"Bring a towel, you're going to sweat," were my instructions from a friend after she invited me to my first Bikram yoga class. I thought "sweat, in yoga!, how hard can it be?" I was very glad I listened because she was exactly right. When I arrived to the class one of the first things I noticed was the incredible variety of, woman, people of all ages and very different body types. The other thing I noticed pretty quick was how happy and how excited they all seemed. "This is very unique...", I thought, " what is going on here?".

Well, I was struggling, sweating and for some reason smiling, all of them a ton. When the teacher announced that it did not matter, that ANYONE can do this practice and get full benefit I realized that this is something very special. It was love at first practice!

Of course I survived my first class, and I felt unbelievably fantastic afterwards. Still though at first, I could not see just how powerful Bikram yoga is. As my journey continued (and continues), as the hills and valleys, the good practices and the not so great ones happen, I learn a little better understanding of the simple and true concept that everyday day is different both in our practices and in our lives. I continue to learn and grow and fall in love with Bikram yoga more and more every day.

I attended the fall 2012 Bikram yoga teacher training in Los Angeles, where there was 442 fellow teacher trainees, and I absolutely love practicing, studying and teaching Bikram yoga! So bring a towel and I will see you in class!