Audrey Holst

Yoga Teacher

I began practicing Bikram yoga in June 2006 at the urging of a co-worker. I was dealing with chronic pain from a back injury I sustained in highschool and had not been able to find a form of excercise that didn't make it worse. I was working hunched over a computer all day long and in direct view of the office kitchen so I had dibs on all the snacks that came through the door (which showed up in the 15 extra pounds I was sporting). My co-worker told me, "This yoga is great! You sweat like crazy and the teachers are like drill sargeants that kick your butt." Even though the first Bikram class left me with a splitting headache and an achey back, I was convinced I was going to "conquer" this yoga thing. I still haven't conquered the yoga (and never will) but I have eliminated my back pain, dropped the extra weight, and even grew 1/2" from all the natural human traction we do during class!

When the desk job no longer served me, I decided to take the leap to become a yoga teacher. I graduated from the Yoga College of India (Hawaii) in November, 2007. I taught at multiple studios in the area while teaching for, and mentoring with, senior Bikram teacher Diane Ducharme. I managed her studio from 2009 to 2014. I have been teaching at Bikram Yoga Natick since it opened in 2010.

I have experienced first-hand so many amazing examples of healing from this yoga in myself and through the stories students tell me. I will practice for the rest of my life and I'm committed to helping others create a sustainable, healing and FUN practice as well.