What do I need to bring for class?

For both yoga and IHP, you'll need a yoga mat, a large towel, and a big bottle of water. You can bring your own or rent at the studio.

How many classes should I take a week?

As a new student, aim to take between 7-8 classes in your first month. Of course you can take more if your schedule allows! After you've taken your first class, come back within 24 hours to take your second class.

Really? As many as I can?

Yes. Stay hydrated with water and electrolytes and you will be great. The reasoning behind this is so that your body can acclimate to the heat, and so that you get familiar with the postures and the exercises quickly. You'll notice that with frequent practice as a beginner, your body will start to transform FAST. It could be in the form of weight loss, alleviation of pain, re-shaping your waistline, improving your posture, toning and defining your muscles, and so much more. You'll start to sleep better, think better, eat better, look younger, and feel happier. If you practice at least 12 times in your Intro Month, you will experience these positive changes.

What should I do to prepare for class?

Hydrate! This is the most important thing to do. For more tips on how to thrive in your first class, click here.

What's included in my membership?

All regularly scheduled classes are included in your membership. If you're on an unlimited package you can feel free to attend any class, and if you have a Class Pack you can use those classes toward any class on the schedule.

What if I can't stay for the entire class?

Please choose a class time on the schedule where you can stay the whole time.

Do I have to sign up for class in advance? What if I need to cancel?

We recommend reserving your spot for classes that you know you want to take. If something comes up and you need to cancel your spot, you can cancel without any charges up to two hours before class time. If you cancel less than two hours before or you miss the class without canceling, there will be a $15 late cancel/no-show fee.

I'm injured. Can I still take class at Hometown Sweat?

A thousand times YES!! In fact, you should! All of our classes are designed for people to not only stay in shape but for folks to heal injuries and get in shape. Our teachers will help you scale the postures and exercises for your ability. We want you to use Hometown Sweat as part of your healing process.