Bikram Yoga Natick

In August of 2018, our name changed from Bikram Yoga Natick to Hometown Sweat. The studio was and still is under the sole ownership of Maria McBride. We are all so proud of the work we've done and the people who have healed at Bikram Yoga Natick since 2010.

With the recent addition of Inferno Hot Pilates, we wanted to call ourselves something that best represented who we are and what we do...

Our community in Natick has such a hometown feel, even if you didn't grow up here.

The welcoming voices you hear as you walk through the door to the smiles that greet you after a tough class make every single person feel like they belong.

And then there's the sweat...

Oh, so much sweat!

While you're stretching and healing in Bikram Yoga and strengthening and transforming in Inferno Hot Pilates, the sweating that happens at the studio leads to long-lasting changes.

That's what makes what we do so special.

Whether you were with us in the early days of Bikram Yoga Natick or are just joining us now, we're so happy you're here.

Happy sweating!